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(German For Only Feet)

As far as I can remember, a woman's FOOT has enamored me. I've wanted to communicate my experiences, infatuations, and desires in written form through the years. I will use this platform to showcase my erotica (Aroma Therapy Section) centered around FOOT FETISHISM on my terms, without fear of censorship that social media are seemingly implementing on their content providers.  So without further ado, let's kick September off!

We are finally  live! This website has been many years in the making and is now a reality. I wanted to provide FOOT FETISHISTS a safe place to embrace who they are and where content creators, photographers, videographers, models, and consumers can find content that empowers, educates, and sensually satisfies, catered for them.

The darling of the fetish community is our Foot

Model of the Month.  Mikayla Miles,   The Mile

High Model, with the GIANTESS heart also stars

in the erotic sci-fi story, Trust The Process.

To see more of Mikayla, and the size 16s,

please click here: About Mikayla!

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FEETured Model

Her longevity rivals Cher's and she reinvents herself like Madonna.  Nikki Ashton sat down with and dropped some pearls on her career, what keeps her going, and why she's just getting started.  

FEETured Model

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Erotic Nikki

Nikki Ashton sits down with for an interview. The twenty year Las Vegas veteran discusses her career, longevity, daily FOOT regimen to keep those SOLES soft, how she embraces technology and tackles business side of being a sex worker. Spoiler Alert: She watches that bag daily! appreciates the time and effort it takes to be a model. The photos and videos, editing, pedicures, and promotion of brand.

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Every month will interview a model in the community that consistently contributes to its growth and properly recognize them for providing us with such tantalizing content.


FEETured Model Erotic Nikki

Quentin's Corner

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What are your favorite scenes in mainstream film that contained feet? Over the years I've compiled a list and it continuously grows. 

Sometimes the scene seems to be completely organic and the actress' foot just happened to get into the shot. Then in other scenes the actress' foot was intentionally captured. When that happens, I'm left wondering why. Did the writer or director have a foot fetish?

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Otto Ludwig Preminger  5 December 1905 – 23 April 1986) was an Austro-Hungarian-born theatre and film director. He directed more than 35 feature films in a five-decade career after leaving the theatre.

Preminger started in Film Noir, then B-Movie Morale movies during World War II.  He got his big break in mainstream film with Laura in 1944.  Thus beginning  a very decent directorial career.  


His films usually involved a message of protest, bucking the system, the hero being the ruff around the edges  loner, and usually the aforementioned hero humbling themselves at the feet of their love interest.   One of my favorite scenes by Preminger is the one pictured here of Harry Belafonte blowing on the wet freshly painted toes of Dorothy Dandridge in Carmen Jones (1954).         

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Quentin's Corner Harry's Head


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~ A Fresh Coat ~

So, OnlyFans f**cked up, now what?

With onlyfans showing their hand when it comes to the future of their platform, what should content creators do now? Can onlyfans be trusted? Will the do this again? I answer all these questions and more here. 

Which "Fan" platform is the one for you?

There are quite a few platforms for sex workers/content creators to choose from these days. Later this month I do a comparison over each one.  What my observations are and why we maybe heading back to the future. 

~Tech Behind The Toes~

Are your photoshoots just a little dark?

Do you find that the sets you post and publish tend to be dark exposure wise? Or maybe you crank up the ISO at the expense of the quality of the picture. Ring lights are a simple and inexpensive solution that may help.

Selecting The Right Camera.

It is easy to get lost in analysis paralysis in selecting the perfect camera with so many in the market. The best camera is the one you have. Just keep creating.

~Best Foot Forward~

How To Remove Gel Polish At Home.

With the pandemic lingering like Herpes, visits to the nail salon may not be as frequent as they once were. To work on that new growth here are some tips on properly removing gel polish.

~The Fetishist~

Otto Preminger sneaked a foot shot in most of his films.

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, roughly 40 plus years before Quentin Tarantino dropped Reservoir Dogs, Otto Preminger was normalizing a little foot play in his movies.



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