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Erotic Nikki is a boss!

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

One of the most popular Aunties in the foot community drops some pearls about longevity, brand building, and keeping track of that bag!

I’ve been following Erotic Nikki since I had to hear “You’ve Got Mail!” before I could browse the web (Those who know, know). I was in college at the time and now, close to 25 years later, she drops content on 2 social media platforms, 3 personal websites, 3 PornHubs,

2 Onlyfans, 1 ManyVids, 2 iWantVids, 4 Clips4sale sites, does customs, and I bet your ass still hasn’t done a damn thing before 5am (Again, those who know, know).

Whatever your thing is, Nikki Ashton has got you covered: Feet, Hose, Heels, Ass, Breasts, Smoking, Pegging Tease, S&M, JOI, Sole and Toe Point close-ups, Giantess, Vore, Crushing, and pretty much any kink under the sun that is legal. She hasn’t gone into this yet, but I would also say that unintentional ASMR should be part of her repertoire. Two videos in particular for ASMRatics out there to check out are: Big Shiny Lips and Full MILF Lips Painted Black on (You’re Welcome!).

“Do you wanna cum for me?”

A master seductress, Nikki with her various looks, themes, outfits, and sets really gets you going. When she's in character she commands your attention, and by the end, owns you. Hell, even her ads on Twitter will stop you scrolling on the TL dead in your tracks. Vintage videos during the intro contained a voice over of Nikki saying, “Do you wanna cum for me?” Ahhh, "I’ll take, What is Absolutely Got Damn Right for 500 Alex (RIP)!"

Since I’m a foot man and this is a foot fetish site, any kink dealing with feet and Nikki Ashton, sign me up for it. Those size 7’s are heavenly. Her toes, perfect. Soles soft as butter, with wrinkles as wavy as the shore during high tide. A few years back in 2017 I purchased a pair of Nikki’s socks which received a 2 nose out of 5. I know she takes great care of feet because her socks smelled mainly of scented lotion, but I would love to purchase a pair of socks from her that she wore, sweating, aging, and cooking in that Vegas heat, for a week straight.

Recently, Nikki allowed me to take some time and ask her some questions about her career, foot regimen, and the tech she uses to create content and expand her brand via Q&A style.



Buddy Sox: How long have you been in the fetish community? Erotic Nikki: I have been in the community for over 20 yrs. Buddy Sox: When did you post your first ever pic on the internet?

Erotic Nikki: I believe it was around Oct, 2001.

Buddy Sox: Do you remember the first time your feet caught someone’s attention?

Erotic Nikki: Yes I do. It was my hubby and it was in 1989.

Buddy Sox: What was your initial reaction when you learned what having a foot fetish meant?

Erotic Nikki: Honestly, I didn’t know what to think at first. When I started in the adult business I had fans telling me to show my feet. I never understood why. THEN...I met Steve of Foot Night. The rest is history! lol

Shoutout to my man Steve Savage! Steve has held it down and hosted in-person foot parties for over a two decades across America and Canada! Go to to learn more. Due to Covid-19, in-person parties are in hiatus, however they do have virtual events.

Buddy Sox: What was your reaction to having your toes sucked/feet worshiped for the first time?

Erotic Nikki: It was heaven! I attended My first foot night event in 2002 I believe. I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect. In fact, the first guy I sessioned with called the beauty mark on my sole an “angel kiss” and that’s how I came up the name of My site. :)

Soft as butter and smooth as silk soles.
Soft as butter and smooth as silk soles.

Buddy Sox: Your soles look extremely soft, what is your go to cream in keeping them moisturized?

Erotic Nikki: My go to cream is Goldbond foot cream. It has been the only cream that keeps my feet soft.

Buddy Sox: Do you prefer to do your own pedi’s or do you have them done professionally?

Erotic Nikki: I do them myself and pretty much always have. I’ll go every once in a while if they need some extra care although, I haven’t had them done professionally since the pandemic a year ago.

Buddy Sox: How much time and investment do you estimate go into the upkeep of your feet?

Erotic Nikki: I usually give my feet a good pedi a couple of times a week.

Buddy Sox: When you did them professionally, was there a particular nail tech that you use or was it any nail tech that was available?

Erotic Nikki: When I was going I always had the same nail tech that did my nails but I haven’t been to her since the pandemic.

Buddy Sox: How supportive is your extended family in your career or do they even know?

Erotic Nikki: Oh, my whole family knows what I do because someone told them. Half of them don’t care for it and don’t want to talk about it. That’s fine. Others are very supportive.

Buddy Sox: What continues to make this business fun for you?

Erotic Nikki: My fans. Coming up with new ideas. Constantly setting up new backgrounds. Getting to play dress up. And of course the money that rolls in. I have never had a day where I hated what I do for a living.

Buddy Sox: When you hear potential ladies entering the foot fetish community say that this should be easy, “All I have to do is just post pictures of my feet..” What advice would you give them?

Erotic Nikki: If only it were that easy. LOL! Do your research with foot fetish or any fetish. If you don’t get it don’t do it. There’s more to it then sticking your feet in the camera.

Buddy Sox: Who is your favorite musician or band?

Erotic Nikki: That’s a hard one because I like so many and so many different genres too. I love old school metal bands, disco, 80’s, Motown and more.



Buddy Sox: What has been the key to your longevity in this business?

Erotic Nikki: Content and updating. Trying to keep things fresh. Always looking for new places to put myself out there. Never ever put your eggs in one basket. Especially nowadays. It takes a lot of work and work always pays off.

Master of the dangle.
Master of the dangle.

Buddy Sox: When did you realize/find your image and brand?

Erotic Nikki: It was back in 2003 I believe when I started doing more fetish related content.

Buddy Sox: How much time is put into marketing your business?

Erotic Nikki: For the first 10 yrs or so I spent hours and hours marketing. We didn’t have really social media back then, so there were many other websites I would submit my sites to gain traffic. We had top lists, directories, TGP’s, etc. I miss a lot of those top lists!

Buddy Sox: Do recommend diversifying your social media platforms or do you encourage picking one and mastering that one?

Erotic Nikki: I think if you have time to handle multiple social media accounts that’s a good way to market but if you don’t then master the one you do have time for. I personally do not have the time to be everywhere unfortunately.

Buddy Sox: What role does networking with other models, producers, photographers, or content creators play in building your business?

Erotic Nikki: I’ve kept my content exclusive pretty much since I started. I worked with others in the very beginning and lots of rules changed with 2257 so after that I just did my own thing. Before the pandemic I was considering branching out and shooting with others but now it’s a year later and I’m not sure how or if that will happen.

Buddy Sox: Do you attend the various CONs in the community, if so, which one has been your favorite to attend?

Erotic Nikki: I have attended a few CONS. 3 AVNS and 1 BondCon that used to be held in Las Vegas back in 2004. AVN is My fav although I would love to attend FetishCon sometime.

Buddy Sox: What resources do you recommend for new models when it comes to accounting and taxes?

Erotic Nikki: Find someone who knows how to deal with the adult industry.

Buddy Sox: How often do you track your payouts from studios?

Erotic Nikki is a Boss!
Erotic Nikki is a Boss!

Erotic Nikki: Everyday! I use a spreadsheet to keep track.

Buddy Sox: Have you ever had to use an attorney or have situations worked themselves out to where you never needed one?

Erotic Nikki: I've never needed one fortunately.

Buddy Sox: Have you ever needed an agent or manager in your career?

Erotic Nikki: No.

Buddy Sox: Is there any aspect of the business that you haven’t tried yet that you would like to do?

Erotic Nikki: There’s plenty that I would have loved to venture off into but at this point I’m not sure which way if any my business will go.

Buddy Sox: Do you offer customs?

Erotic Nikki: Yes I do! I prefer them to be ordered thru

Buddy Sox: Do you offer sessions?

Erotic Nikki: I do not offer sessions any longer. The only sessions I offer are if I attend an event.



Buddy Sox: When did you learn the importance of setting up shots, i.e. composition?

Erotic Nikki: I have been doing for 20 hrs and every day I learn something new. Setting up shots is no different. Sometimes I get feedback if they want a certain angle and I just play off that and try to use those angles when filming certain clips.

Lighting on set with Erotic Nikki.
Erotic Nikki's husband lights her sets.

Buddy Sox: How did you learn about lighting?

Erotic Nikki: Fortunately that is My hubby’s forte. He has his own little hobby and lighting and camera setup. He studies it often and then we experiment with what he has learned.

Buddy Sox:How did you learn about make up for lighting?

Erotic Nikki: Trial and error! lol I have found that if you want your 2 hours worth of makeup to show up in pictures and videos you better pile it on. lol We call it porn makeup. I’ve tried natural looks and it just gets washed out under the lights.

Buddy Sox: Do you do your own makeup and hair for shoots?

Erotic Nikki: Yes.

Buddy Sox: On top of your professional cameras, do you ever use cell phone cameras?

Erotic Nikki: I only use cell cameras when doing content for My OnlyFans.

Buddy Sox: If so, what cell phone camera do you use?

Erotic Nikki: iPhone 11 Pro Max

Buddy Sox: What determines the type of camera to use for you?

Erotic Nikki: My husband does the research and we find what’s best suitable for what we do.

Buddy Sox: What is the determining factor in a camera that compels you to buy it?

Erotic Nikki: Oh goodness. lol Again that’s My husbands forte but I’d say it’s the quality that it’ll shoot.

Buddy Sox: Do you use an assistant in your shoots?

Erotic Nikki: Nope! It’s just me and my hubby and has always been that way.

Buddy Sox: Do you edit your content yourself or do you have someone else do it?

Erotic Nikki: My husband does all the editing when it comes to clips or customs. I handle everything on My OnlyFans except when fans order customs. I deliver those the same way as if I were selling them on My clip stores.

Buddy Sox: If you do it yourself, what software do you use?

Erotic Nikki: We use Vegas Pro.

Buddy Sox: Are you a PC, MAC, or both?

Erotic Nikki: I use Mac products and he uses PC.

Where to Find Nikki

Everyday 24/7 you’ll likely to find numerous posts on her Twitter and from time to time on Instagram, but you can find the hardest working woman in the fetish business on:

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