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Celebration of Passion for Feet

This intellectual quest led me to the works of luminaries in the realm of foot fetishism, including the likes of Elmer Batters, Bunny Yeager, Bettie Page, and Julie Newmar. These visionaries, each contributing uniquely to the understanding and appreciation of this nuanced fascination, became guiding lights in my journey of self-discovery.

In an era preceding the digital revolution, I scoured every available resource, meticulously collecting and preserving images that spoke to the allure of women's feet and toes. The crisp pages of Sears, graced by the elegance of Cheryl Tiegs, and the allure of JC Penny catalogs featuring Jaclyn Smith, became veritable treasure troves of what one might affectionately term "foot erotica."

Julie Newmar in 1962 barefoot on a staircase pointing her toes on her left foot.
Cheryl Teigs modeling a swimsuit barefoot for Sears Catalog in 1982.
Jaclyn Smith for 1981 JC Penney Catalog sitting barefoot on a porch.

Embark on a journey into the captivating world of Nurfü, where we eloquently translate the profound love for feet into words, accompanied by mesmerizing images featuring our cherished models within the community.

From the earliest recesses of my memory, an enchantment with women's feet has been a constant presence in my life. It wasn't until my teenage years that I stumbled upon the term that encapsulated this fascination: "Foot Fetish." This discovery unfolded in an era preceding the widespread accessibility of the Internet in its current form.

Upon realizing there was a recognized term for what I considered a personal proclivity, I found myself immersed in extensive research within the confines of a library—a haven for knowledge in an era untouched by the digital age. Questions about the nature of my inclinations, their normalcy, and the shared experiences of others fueled my exploration.

Nurfü aims to be more than a platform; it aspires to be a sanctuary for those who share in the appreciation of the subtle beauty found in the often-overlooked canvas of feet. Through eloquent prose and captivating imagery, we seek not only to celebrate this unique passion but also to foster a sense of community, where individuals can revel in the beauty of diverse expressions within the world of foot fetishism.

Join us in this exploration, where words and images intertwine to narrate tales of passion, self-discovery, and the celebration of a fascination that, for many, transcends the ordinary. Nurfüsse invites you to indulge in the beauty of feet, appreciating the artistry that lies within, and connecting with a community that shares the same ardor for this often misunderstood and under-appreciated aspect of human desire.

Jane Fonda barefoot with red painted toes  with both feet in the air with toes pointed exposing her soles. She wears a yellow leotard and legwarmmers.

In my journey of foot-based media exploration, video content played a pivotal role, weaving an intricate tapestry of fascination that extended beyond conventional sources. One significant chapter unfolded as I delved into my mom's Jane Fonda workout VHS cassettes, an unexpected trove of visual allure. Jane Fonda, a pioneering workout instructor, graced the screen barefoot, etching an indelible image of her wine/blood-red toes in my memory. The elegance of her toe-point, creating delicate wrinkles on her soles, became a visual symphony that resonated with me.

In the realm of VHS tapes, where every second counted, I honed my skills in the Still Pause and Advance Frame game—a pursuit known to those who understand the profound appreciation for each nuanced detail. The struggle, as they say, was undeniably real, and to those initiated into this art, the shared acknowledgment becomes a silent camaraderie.

However, my exploration didn't stop there. Any film featuring a scene with a woman's foot became a cinematic treasure, prompting me to meticulously note down the film title, actress, time code, and director.

This meticulous cataloging was more than a hobby; it was a passionate pursuit that led me down yet another rabbit hole of discovery.  


This habit of annotating films with foot-centric scenes became a personalized cinematic journey, a meticulous map of my foot fetish odyssey. Each notation was a testament to the artistry embedded in the subtleties of filmmaking, capturing moments that transcended the ordinary. It was a rabbit hole, indeed, but one that expanded my appreciation for the diverse ways in which the allure of feet was woven into the fabric of cinema.

09012021 - Nurfusse Front Page - Feet In Film-DD.png

"Blow on 'em Sugar!"

Unveiling Hollywood's Golden Era Secrets: The Foot Fetish Chronicles

In my relentless quest for the subtle allure of feet within the realms of cinema, I stumbled upon a fascinating revelation—a hidden layer of foot fascination woven by some of Hollywood's legendary directors during the golden age. Otto Preminger, Luis Buñuel Portolés, and the iconic Alfred Hitchcock, known for their cinematic brilliance, shared a common thread beyond their directorial prowess: a discreet yet discernible foot fetish.

One standout moment that encapsulates this enchantment is the scorching scene between Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte in Otto Preminger's "Carmen Jones." The sizzling chemistry between the two protagonists, Carmen (Dandridge) and Joe (Belafonte) is elevated by a tantalizing focus on the innocent request for Joe to blow on Carmen's toes after she's painted them. An exquisite dance that transcends the conventional boundaries of on-screen romance during Hollywood's code days.

It's a cinematic gem that, once witnessed, etches itself into one's memory. Preminger appeals to the many aspects of foot fetishism: Worship, bare feet, soles, dirty feet, and hosiery.  All in one scene too! The moment I saw it, I knew I'd never forget it.

In examining his body of work, keen observers will discern moments where feet take center stage, adding an enigmatic layer to the narrative. Buñuel's ability to infuse the surreal into the ordinary extends even to the portrayal of feet, elevating them to symbolic elements within his cinematic canvas.  One iconic scene is from Viridiana (1961), and the close up shot of actress Silvia Pinals' bare feet.  While a lot of Buñel's works depicted feet in a sexual alluring manner, most were portrayed in wholesome settings like religious rituals.

Alfred Hitchcock, a master of suspense, discreetly incorporated foot fetish elements into his films, often paying special attention to the feet of his blonde leading ladies. The iconic shower scene in "Psycho," featuring Janet Leigh, stands out as a quintessential example. Hitchcock's meticulous framing and focus on Leigh's feet contribute to the tension, creating an indelible moment that has reverberated through cinematic history.  Luis Buñuel Portolés, a maestro of surrealism, left his subtle mark on the world of foot fetishism.ñuel-Viridiana-Silvia-Pinals-feet.jpeg

The Come UP: Embracing my Foot Fetish

1994 Leg Show Magazine - Nina Harley.png

In 1994, during my sophomore year in college, an unexpected visit to an adult newsstand in what was then, the seedy Gallery Place/Chinatown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., orchestrated by my uncle, marked the beginning of a transformative chapter in my life. It was within the walls of that establishment that I purchased my first issue of Leg Show magazine, an event that, in hindsight, I can only describe as liberating and pivotal. I felt heard. 

The magazine's pages unfolded a diverse offering, featuring women of varying shapes, sizes, races, and nationalities, proudly showcasing their beautiful feet in an array of settings – bare, adorned in heels, lingerie, and hosiery. This visual exploration was not merely an indulgence but a revelation that transcended societal norms. Captivated by the images, I decided to take a leap, subscribing to the magazine and eagerly devouring each issue cover to cover.

Motivated by the stimulating articles within the pages of Leg Show, I embarked on a creative journey that would have a lasting impact.

In my creative writing class, I introduced tame yet sensual erotic scenes inspired by the magazine's content. Surprisingly, my seemingly conservative professor, a woman of refined appearance (she was smoking hot in a chaste way), not only appreciated but applauded these additions. Her endorsement served as the unexpected "green light" my creative mind needed to further explore and express the intricacies of sensuality and desire.

This unexpected intersection of personal exploration and academic validation became a catalyst for my burgeoning creative endeavors. The inclusion of erotic elements in my stories, once perceived as daring, emerged as a potent tool for enhancing plot dynamics and character arcs. The realization that my professor, someone with an ostensibly conservative demeanor, recognized the merit in these creative choices emboldened me to continue pushing boundaries and challenging conventional norms in my writing.

In essence, that serendipitous encounter with Leg Show magazine in 1994 became more than a mere purchase; it became a gateway to self-discovery and creative liberation. It was a journey that not only broadened my understanding of diverse expressions of sensuality but also empowered me to weave richer, more nuanced narratives. The subtle yet profound impact of that adult newsstand escapade rippled through my academic and creative pursuits, forever altering the trajectory of my artistic endeavors.

Sensual Stories in the Aroma Therapy Sanctuary

Step into the intoxicating world of the Aroma Therapy section on our site, where the written fantasies transcend the ordinary, designed to captivate your imagination and evoke desires you've only dreamed of. Our erotica doesn't just aim to be read; it strives to be felt, experienced, and, perhaps, even lived.

In the Aroma Therapy section, I architect and orchestrate fantasies that echo the desires I know resonate with you. It's an exploration that spans the spectrum of foot-centric passions, ensuring there's something for every aficionado. Whether you find allure in the tender act of Foot Worship, the sensory delight of Smelly Feet, the sophisticated charm of


MILF/Auntie/Cougar Feet, the embrace of BBW Feet, the elegance of Heels and Hose, the empowerment in Femdom Feet, the fantastical allure of Giantess/Shrinking Feet, or the strength and grace of Female Bodybuilding feet – each tale is a carefully crafted invitation into the realms of kink,  foot fetishism, and desire.

The Aroma Therapy section isn't just about stories; it's about creating a sanctuary where your fantasies can breathe and come to life. It's a celebration of diversity, catering to a myriad of tastes and desires, ensuring that everyone can find a narrative that resonates deeply with their personal passions.

Indulge in the Aroma Therapy section and let the written word become a vessel for your most tantalizing dreams. Your desires are not just acknowledged here; they are embraced, celebrated, and transformed into stories that linger in the air long after the reading is done. Welcome to a sanctuary where your fantasies find a home, waiting to be explored and enjoyed.


Get ready for a daily dose of indulgence as we launch into the captivating world of our daily blog. It's more than just words; it's an immersive journey into the realm of foot fetishism, where fantasies, stories, and daily musings come to life. Each post is a unique exploration, a narrative that invites you to join the conversation, share your thoughts, and be part of our vibrant community.

But that's not all—prepare to step into the aromatic universe of sensory reviews in the "Stinken Meine Füsse" (Do My Feet Stink?) section. If you enjoyed the worn sock reviews on my Instagram page, you're in for a treat. This section delves into the olfactory allure, providing honest and detailed reviews of worn items from your favorite models in the community.


Daily Delights and Sensory Reviews: Dive into the Foot Fetish Chronicles

The fragrance journey doesn't stop at socks; we're expanding our horizons to include reviews of shoes and hosiery. From the subtle nuances of well-worn shoes to the delicate embrace of hosiery, each review is a sensorial exploration that brings you closer to the tangible essence of foot fetishism.

This isn't just a blog; it's a rendezvous with desire, a celebration of the diverse expressions within the foot fetish community. So, whether you're here for the daily blog, the aromatic reviews, or the expanding world of sensory delights, join us on this journey where passion meets prose, and every step leaves an indelible mark. Your daily indulgence and sensory reviews await – dive in and savor the experience!

Dive into PeepTOES: A Cinematic Odyssey in Foot Fetish Reviews

Embark on a thrilling journey through the PeepTOES section, where I curate reviews of the finest foot fetish videos from our community's talented models. It's a celebration of how far we've come since the days of Jane Fonda's workout videos—an era that paved the way for the vibrant, diverse landscape of foot fetish content we now revel in. What a marvelous time to be alive!

In PeepTOES, I'll be your guide through the labyrinth of Clips4Sale, ManyVids, iWantVids, and independent/direct studios. My reviews aren't just about the surface; they delve deep into the essence of each video, evaluating quality, the uniqueness of plot/story setup, eroticism, and those scenes that truly set the senses ablaze.

Sample Review:

Model: Erotic Nikki

Title: Live Your Foot Dream With StepAunt Nikki

Format: 1920x1080P at 60FPS

Film Quality




Plot: You spent the week at your Step-Aunt's house. During which she's noticed you starring at her amazing feet. As a parting gift she gives you the green light for a worship session. Fuck yeah!

Why I recommend: Erotic Nikki has hundreds, if not thousands of titles in her catalog. One of my favorite scenarios is when she reprises the "Cougar" role. Usually in the mode of the hot close friend of your mom's or "Auntie" roll. She knows how to play the "we're in dangerous territory, but you're in a safe place with me" role. Live Your Foot Dream With StepAunt Nikki, puts me right at the cross roads between right and wrong. Her patented angel kissed soles just inches from your face, forcing you to either be the adult and walk away, or to risk it all and give into temptation. The entire dynamics of your family hangs in the balance of your next move...

Join me in PeepTOES as we explore the multifaceted world of foot fetish videos together. From the immersive landscapes of established platforms to the independent gems waiting to be discovered, each review is an invitation to savor the richness of this ever-evolving cinematic realm. Your journey into the heart of foot fetish videos is about to get more exciting—let's dive in together!

In Quentin's Corner, I curate a collection of my most cherished scenes from mainstream movies and television, accompanied by intriguing background information that adds depth to each cinematic gem. It's a space dedicated to unraveling the subtle nuances of foot fetishism within the vast fabric of popular culture.   

In Sole Search, I unveil a meticulously clipped compilation of magazine articles, advertisements, and publicity photographs featuring singers, models, and actresses in their barefoot elegance. This extensive collection promises an intimate exploration of the often overlooked yet captivating beauty of celebrity feet.

As you navigate through the curated content on Quentin's Corner, you'll discover a realm where cinematic moments are dissected, offering insight into the artistry behind each scene. It's a journey into the heart of foot fetishism within mainstream media, where every frame tells a story and every celebrity's barefoot appearance becomes a canvas for appreciation.

Join me in this celebration of the subtle allure found in the footsteps of celebrities, as Quentin's Corner becomes a digital haven for those who revel in the beauty of feet. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a newcomer to the world of foot fetishism, I invite you to immerse yourself in the fascinating and often misunderstood realm of Sole Search. Here's to an enjoyable exploration of cinematic treasures and the timeless allure of celebrity feet.

Don't miss out on the latest updates, exclusive content, and community highlights—sign up today for The FootPost, our monthly newsletter. Stay informed, engaged, and be part of the growing community that appreciates the subtleties of foot allure. Join us on this exciting venture as Quentin's Corner transforms into a vibrant, supportive hub for foot fetish enthusiasts and content creators alike. Your journey into the captivating world of feet is just beginning, and we're thrilled to have you on board!

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-  Buddy Sox

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