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Trust The Process

Mikayla finally finds love, control, and her tiny.

Part 1
The Physics Behind The Passion




A story featuring: foot fetish, size kink, shrinking, and BDSM erotica.

"Girl, did you ever call them?" Jeanette asked. 


"Yeah, they sent me this 300 question survey, and I'm not filling that shit out. Like I have that kind of time," Mikayla answered, holding her cellphone as she looked out her window.


"That's a bit much, but I heard they've had a 100% satisfaction rate. You should just bite the bullet, pencil your damn self into your busy schedule, and fill it out," Jeanette replied.


"Why haven't you filled one out?" Mikayla asks.


"Because I want to see what happens to you first bitch," Jeanette quips with a laugh.


Mikayla cracks up laughing, "Girl, bye!" She hangs up and places the phone on her coffee table. She puts her size 16 bare feet and crosses her ankles next to her phone. Her soles are slightly dirt-stained. She curls the toes of her top foot, quickly inspecting her cyan pedicure.


"Oh… New growth. I better make an appointment with the spa for a Pedi," Mikayla says to herself. 


Mikayla is the CEO and owner of a camping and hiking goods chain store. There's an all-hands meeting with the IT department as email is not working for her stores in Austin and Santa Fe. The bright sunshine illuminates through the blinds of the conference room. 


IT professionals nervously await the start of the meeting. Mikayla enters the room in a dark navy blue pin-stripe skirt suit, wearing a pair of navy blue pin-striped, 4 inch Louboutin platform heels. The room is silent, except for the clicking of her heels against the marble tiled floor. The silhouette of her 6'7" frame with heels floats across each window, making an entrance, was a specialty. She carries a tall glass of a thick green pulpy liquid filled to the top, to the head of the conference room table.

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As she sits, she moves a manilla envelope to the side and opens her iPad leather carrying case. At the other end of the conference room table is Timothy Resopulansky; everyone called him Rezzo, except Mikayla.


"Timothy, where are we with the email situation?" Mikayla asked.


Timothy has been called on the carpet in front of the entire IT staff and nervously answers. "We're still down in both offices, but.."


Mikayla slides the manila envelope across the table, cutting Rezzo off, "Timothy, those are two of my most profitable regions. It's been three days now. Inside there is a package, two years severance, two years of health care, and a letter of recommendation handwritten by me. There are no hard feelings if you take it and walk away. If you choose to stay and fix it, it better be fixed by tomorrow morning, or you'll be escorted out with nothing but a box. Which will it be?" Mikayla says, staring directly into Rizzo's eyes.


"I uh, uh, I can fix it, Mikayla," Rezzo says with a nervous cracking voice. Several of the onlooking IT staff gasped at Rizzo's decision.


Mikayla downs her green drink completely. She leaves the glass on the table. She stands,  turns, and leaves the conference room.

Clack… Clack… Clack… 


As she walks out of the room, Mikayla sternly glances over at Rezzo once more before leaving.  She then releases a loaded smirk. Rezzo knew that smirk could be his kiss of death.

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Mikayla Shiloette.jpg
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Later that day, Mikayla sits in a spa chair with her feet soaking in warm water. She picks up her phone. "Angela, I changed my mind. I'm going home after my Pedi. Are Austin and Santa Fe still dark?" Mikayla asks. She looks at her watch and shakes her head as she listens to Angela's answer. 

Pedi 2.jpg

The nail tech assistant takes Mikayla's foot out of the foot spa and places it on her towel draped knee. The massive size of it astonishes her. Her little hands pat dries Mikayla's foot with the corners of the towel. 


"Ma'am, if you don't mind, what size shoe do you wear?" The nail tech assistant asks.


Mikayla proudly smiles and answers, "Size 16."


The nail tech assistant looks up; shocked by Mikayla's answer, she opens a tube of cream and squeezes a little on her palms.


"You might have to get another one, and I'll be shocked if that's enough for one foot."

Pedi 3.jpg

The Nail Tech assistant searches through her supply caddie and pulls out another tube of cream. As she massages the cream into Mikayla's lower leg and feet, she glances at Mikayla's hands. Mikayla reads on her iPad mini but holds it as if it's a phone. Mikayla looks at the screen:


222. Do you consider yourself to be aggressive or submissive? 

223. Do you consider yourself to be possessive or carry a devil may care attitude? 

224. Are you a secure or insecure woman?

225. Do you find yourself to be jealous?


Mikayla continues to fill out the survey from the matchmaking agency on her iPad mini as her Pedi continues. Her nail tech slides foam toe separators between her long toes and begins to paint them hot pink. Mikayla reads the last question on the survey:


300. Love will bring out emotions in us that we never knew we had. If you surprisingly had love in your hands, would you clutch on to it, or would it scare you away?"

Mikayla ponders over the last question. Without answering it, she shuts her iPad off and places it in her purse. She relaxes in her plush chair as her nail tech carefully applies a topcoat. Mikayla closes her eyes and listens to some relaxing ambient music through her headphones.

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Later that evening, Mikayla stretches on a yoga mat. She sits and bends forward, touching her forehead to her knees. Then points her green toes. Her toes are pinched tightly against the ball of her feet, making countless wrinkles of her soft soles. The last question of the survey has weighed heavily on her mind. She had longed to find a companion to spend her time with, but she knew everything about her, usually put off the men she had dated in the past. 


Everything about her is unique; her height, successful career, and demanding personality could be intimidating. But as irony would have it, finding a man who accepted her for who she was, as is, was an intimidating thought in her own right. Sharing her life with another person could complicate things, and would it alter her focus and adjust her goals?


Mikayla sits up, grabs her iPad mini, answers the last question, and submits her survey. The next day at work, Mikayla opens her email at her desk and is pleased to see that the first one is from the Texas region's general manager. She then sends an email to her general manager in New Mexico and quickly received a response. 


Mikayla places her desk phone on speaker and dials Rezzo.


"Hello, Mikayla," you could hear the smile on his face through the phone.


"Excellent work Timothy," Mikayla says with a smile of her own.


"It was hard to pinpoint what was going on at first. My trace routes kept hanging on the third hop…"


Mikayla hangs up the phone on Rezzo mid-sentence and continues working on her computer.

Later that evening, Mikayla pulls into her driveway with her Tesla and notices a package at the front door. In her living room, she places the packet on the couch. She slips out of her black high heels and puts her sheer black legs on the coffee table. Instantly, the stench of 12hrs of her feet entrapped and confined in those heels and sheer hose finally had the opportunity to escape. Almost immediately filling the room.

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Mikayla smelly nylon feet.jpg

"OMG," Mikayla says, cupping her hand over her nose and mouth. "It's a good thing I didn't go to Bikram today. I would have cleared the studio out."


Mikayla opens the package to find a DNA sample submission kit. Mikayla reads it's enclosed letter.


"Thank you, Ms. Miles, for completing and submitting your Sole In - Soul Out Companion Matching Survey. To achieve our results-proven process, we will need a hair sample submission, a saliva submission from the cotton swab provided in the kit, and a blood sample from the fingertip pricker. 


We have a candidate already in mind for you and need those samples to deliver love to your front door. Use the return container to send us the samples postage free. Thank You, Sole In - Soul Out Companion Matching Service."


Mikayla calls Jeanette Size. "Girl…. now, these people want DNA samples."


"These hoops can be expected when you’re getting a mail-order man I guess. That’s still a bit much though. "


"Tell me about it, and those questions on the questionnaire were downright nosey."


"Really? Like what?"


"They asked crazy shit, like if I have ever tasted semen."

"What did you say?"




"Ohhhhh, you nasty heifer!"


"What? Chicago bitch… 2012!"


"Objection, your honor, the statute of limitations on old shit has passed."


"You were in rare form too… The floor scene at the party-"


"-OK damn!"


"…You sat on that poor man's face and rode it like a Kentucky derby horse jockey. I'll never forget hearing that 'pop' when you broke the suction seal. Sounded like a cork from a champagne bottle-"


"-OMG, was he eating that thing!"


"…His whole face was glazed over like a donut-"


Jeanette can't stop laughing, "-Mikayla! OK, why are you so loud right now? Bye!"

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Mikayla date night Eric.jpg

Mikayla laughs as she hangs up. She takes the cotton swab and rubs the inside of her cheeks with it. She placed the swab into the provided sealed envelope.

The next day at the office, she drops her DNA sample in the overnight carrier bin. 

Two Weeks Later…

Mikayla walks into a swank Italian restaurant, wearing platform heels, tight blue legging jeans, and a black poncho top. The Hostess points over to a table. 

Mikayla struts across the restaurant, and as always, makes a hell of an entrance. In heels, Mikayla's 6'7" frame attracts attention, and every set of eyes in the building is on her. 

She sees her date from behind as he sits waiting for her. Mikayla takes a deep breath and walks over to him.


Eric looks up and immediately stands to his feet, "Mikayla?"

They laugh, Mikayla extends her hand in a ladylike manner to shake, but Eric hugs her instead. He's 6'1" body is entirely engulfed by Mikayla's statuesque frame.

Mikayla is taken back by Eric's embrace, but she hugs him back to keep the peace. The instant her hands hit his back, however, she feels a tingle of warm, positive energy flow through  her arms. 

She smells the hint of cologne he wears and smiles. Eric then pulls out her chair, takes her by the hand as she sits. Again Mikayla feels the tingle down her arm as he holds her hand. 


"OK, so the agency hit it out of the ballpark for me but threw you a curveball."


Mikayla laughed and liked his dry humor. "Aww, that's sweet. But the night is still young, and you can still pull out the save while I'm at-bat."


"Wow, Mikayla, you like baseball?"


"Love it."

Two hours later…


Mikayla and Eric talk over coffee, and the wait staff cleans the restaurant.


"Well, it looks like we closed them down. I enjoyed talking to you, Mikayla."


both: "We have a lot in common."


Eric and Mikayla laugh.


"Wow, in stereo too…," Mikayla says as she looks at Eric. 


"That was the fastest two hours of my life."


"Well, Eric, we must continue the conversation."

"I'd like that."


The Next day…


Mikayla makes breakfast while talking to Jeanette, "He was great. He's shorter than me, but hell, I'm used to that."


"Was he cute?"


"Yeah, more handsome than cute, though. Eric is smart, can hold a conversation, and has a dry sense of humor. He handled all the shit I dished out at him like a champ."


"So are you going to go out with him again?"


"Yeah, I might even make him dinner here."




Mikayla cracks up.


One Month Later…


Mikayla opens her front door, and Eric enters, amazed. They embrace, and Mikayla feels the tingle of energy from Eric entering her arms and chest. She holds the embrace for a beat longer, enjoying the sensation. 


Eric breaks the awkward silence…

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"This is quite the home you have here."


"Yeah, I'm environmentally conscious, so I designed it with efficient carbon footprinting in mind. The walls are recycled materials, the home is solar and battery-powered, and I use collected rainwater."


Mikayla takes Eric's coat.


"Eric, did you feel that?"


"Feel what?"


"When we embraced…" Mikayla looks at the confused look on Eric's face and backs off.


"You know what, it's nothing."


Eric gently squeezes Mikayla's hand, and the strongest impulse of energy that she's felt since they met fills her whole body.


"You OK?"


Mikayla collects herself, "Yeah, I think so."


Two hours later…

Eric pours wine into Mikayla's glass then his as they sit on the couch.


"So, do you have any guilty pleasures?" Mikayla asks as she seductively crosses her legs.


"Guilty pleasures? No, not really. Well, there's one..."


"Ohh, let me hear it."


"It's kind of embarrassing."


"Even better."


Mikayla slides over closer to Eric.


"I sometimes binge watch 90210, not the newer ones, but the original one."


Mikayla covers her mouth with both hands, "OMG! That is my jam!"


"Really? I was really into it as a teenager, and now as an adult, I still haven't grown out of it. I still like to watch Brenda play my man Dylan…"


"She was so dumb."


Both: "She made me so sick!"


They look at each other for a beat. Then crack up laughing.

"You know that's the second time that's happened." Eric astutely states. 


Eric holds Mikayla's hand, and the energy sensation is the most intensified to date. There's a sensation of calm and content that fills Mikayla’s heart. She, in turn, squeezes Eric's hand.

Eric looks at how Mikayla's hand engulfs his. Seeing that it is now or never, he leans in for the kiss. Mikayla is receptive. Within seconds the sensation of Eric's touch becomes magnified as now it has manifest itself in the form of taste. Mikayla's adrenaline kicks into overdrive, and her heart fills with the content of a child walking through the gates of Disney for the first time.

Mikayla in black heels.jpg

Mikayla aggressively pushes Eric to his back on the couch. Then with her large hand, she palms the back of Eric's head to support it as she tries to suck Eric's tongue out of his mouth. Eric tries to match Mikayla's vigor but feels his strength weakened by the second.

Mikayla senses Eric wanting to come up for air, but she can't stop, there's something about kissing Eric that's insatiable. The sensation is a feeling that she's chased and desired in all of her past relationships. Now Mikayla gets her fill of it just from a simple kiss. 


Eric tries his hardest to continue to give Mikayla his all, but he's about to faint and reluctantly taps out. Mikayla sees him waving the white flag and stops.


Mikayla sits up, slides out of her pumps to put her feet up on the coffee table. However, the table is a little too close, so she tries to adjust its position by gently placing her toes on the table's edge to push it out a little. The table slides clear across the room.


"What the fuck?" Mikayla says, completely perplexed.


"I'm sorry, Mikayla, I didn't want to stop, but all my energy is completely drained. I hope I'm not coming down with something," Eric apologetically says.

Mikayla's toes against the table.jpg

"Oh no, Eric, I understand… You did see me push that table across the room, right?"


"Yeah. Those size 16s are ahh… something."


Mikayla laughs. “Yeah, but that thing has to weigh at least forty or more pounds.”


"I hate to leave like this, but I better get a jump on this cold if it's one." Eric puts his hand on the side of Mikayla's face, "If I do, I hope I didn't give it to you."


Eric's touch again gives Mikayla the feels. He struggles to get to his feet and walks a little wobbly until he gets his legs under him.


"I don't get it, and it just came on all of a sudden."


"Don't worry about it, but you call me as soon as you get home."


Mikayla stands in her bare feet, a good three inches over Eric. They embrace, and without any struggle, Mikayla picks Eric up an inch or two off the floor. 


" I'm going to need a serious cold shower after you leave."

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One hour later…


Mikayla finishes her shower, then enters her living room, still drying her hair with a towel. She tries to put the coffee table back in its place but struggles to do so. 


"An hour ago, it felt like cardboard, and now it weighs a ton…"

The next afternoon…


Mikayla bangs away at her keyboard with her customary scowl on her face. Her phone rings…






"I have Eric on line 1."


Instantly, a smile comes over Mikayla's face. "Put him through."


"Hey babe, how are you feeling?"


"A lot better, I'm back at a hundred percent. I guess it was just a bug. How are you doing? You're not feeling sick or anything, are you?"


"No, I'm just fine."


"I can't get you off my mind. I haven't stopped thinking about you since we first met. Can we get together tonight?"


"I thought you'd never ask."


"My place this time?"

"No, my place. I like having a home-field advantage."


"Awesome, guess what comes on tonight?"








Later that evening…


Eric and Mikayla sit on the couch and watch TV. Eric puts his arm around Mikayla's back, and the moment his arm touches it sets Mikayla off. She stands and grabs Eric by the wrist…


"OK, we're going to finish this tonight!"


Mikayla and Eric make it to her bedroom, caressing, feeling, hugging, and tonguing each other down. After a long passionate kiss, Eric feels a little faint but recovers. Mikayla tries to help him out of his shirt, but rips it in half, then effortlessly pushes him on her bed.

Mikayla looks at Eric as she unzips her jeans and steps out of them. Then the panties drop.


Mikayla prances on Eric, the two passionately kiss. Eric's caressing and kissing send Mikayla into overdrive. Her heart fills with content as she devours Eric's face and lips. 


Mikayla reaches down to Eric's cock and feels that he's ready. Eric takes Mikayla's breasts into his mouth, and the sensation curls her toes. He gently licks down her stomach to her pussy. Eric works his tongue, tasting her walls and sucking her lips. 


Mikayla yells out, "Oh, right there!"


Eric continues to consume Mikayla, driving her further and further into ecstasy. As he licks, his tongue lengthens and hits her G-spot. Shocked, Eric lefts his head and feels his tongue. He sticks it out and tries in vain to see it with his eyes. Mikayla wraps her leg behind Eric's head and pulls his face back to her crotch. 


"Don't stop, ‘Gene Simmonds’!"


Eric again works his tongue, running over and over the ridges of her spot. Mikayla gasps for air as she climaxes, the inside of her walls spasm and flutter.


Mikayla barely musters, "I want you, baby." 


The moment Eric slides in, Mikayla's eyes roll into the back of her head. Eric looks down as he feels his cock expands inside Mikayla. His girth widens as his shaft hardens and stretches hitting every, wall, ridge, and erogenous zone at once. It bends and curves like a mold to Mikayla's loins. Each stroke sends Mikayla into a quivering, toe-curling spasm.

Mikayla's panties drop.jpg
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Mikayla's big O.jpg

She notices the energy from Eric's touch is now felt deep within her. Eric gently slides out about 3/4 of the way, as Mikayla's vagina releases a gushing stream of ecstasy all over Eric's waist. 


"Holy Shit!" Mikayla yells.


Eric pulls out, looking at his massive cock, knowing it's never been that size before. 


"Wait, where did this come from?" Eric asks aloud.


Mikayla grabs him by the neck in a lustful rage and says, "God. So fucking use it!"


Eric slides back in, and as it makes its way all the way home, Mikayla arches her back, gasps deeply for air, her hands clutch the sheets, and her body shakes as just a few strokes sends her back to her place on her erotic throne. 


Mikayla grabs Eric's head and passionately kisses him. Her body adjusting to its newfound erotic place, she aggressively wants more. Mikayla wraps her legs around Eric's waist, sending Eric to lift off.


"I'm about to…"


"Cum for me, baby!" Mikayla demands.


Eric pulls out and releases. As soon as he releases, Mikayla, with the equivalent strength of two people, flips Eric to his back. She straddles him and is giddy with her newfound power. 


Eric leans up, but Mikayla thrusts her hands on his shoulders, pinning him with force. Mikayla cracks a smile seeing that Eric is no match for her strength. She senses a little fear coming from Eric but tries to put him at ease by gently kissing his cheek then interlocking her fingers into his.

Eric smiles briefly before noticing how small his hands feel inside Mikayla's. He looks up at Mikayla as she works his cock inside of her. She appears a little larger to him. He peers around Mikayla's waist to see his legs and feet. 


"Do I seem smaller to you?" 


"Oh baby you are the right size!" Mikayla responds as she grinds aggressively harder. 


Eric goes with the flow and finds himself about to explode again.


"You're about to reach it, aren't you, baby?" Mikayla says as she leans towards him. She braces herself by placing her hands on the bed, with Eric's head in-between her arms.


Eric, seeing where his head aligns to Mikayla's wrists, again notices the size difference but is distracted by the nut he's about to bust. 


"You're about to cum again, aren't you?


"Yes, baby!"


"You're going to cum? Get it out, because I'm not done after this."


"Oh, baby!"


Mikayla slides off, and Eric releases a long stream into the air. This time, he quivers and spasms as Mikayla did. Mikayla looks down on him with a pleasure-filled smile.

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"That looked like the fountain from Married with Children," Mikayla says with a laugh as she gently places her fingers around Eric's neck. "I'm going for another ride since this is MY cock!"


Instantly Eric gets hard.


Mikayla slides back on, "It just fits me to the tee. It was made for me." Mikayla leans down, placing her face inches from Eric's, "Wasn't it!"


"Yes, baby, it's all yours."


With one hand still around Eric's neck, Mikayla effortlessly slides his entire body up closer to the headboard. This time, even she notices something different with the girth of Eric's neck, as she's able to clasp her thumb over her fingers.


As Mikayla manhandles Eric, he looks down towards his feet observing where they should typically be to the edge of the bed. Being 6'1," he looked to be around 5'6". He looks around the room to find Mikayla's dresser mirror. 


He notices a considerable size difference. Mikayla looks over at the mirror as well and smiles. Then slides on Eric's cock. "You like it when I take MY cock in, don't you?"


Mikayla looks at them in the mirror as she grinds harder and harder on Eric. As she sways, she moves her hand down her stomach and down to her pussy. 


"I've never had it like this…"


She senses fear in Eric but also knows he's into everything that's happening. Mikayla, still grinding, places her hand on Eric's chest to make a subtle adjustment in her position but feels

Eric's heartbeat. She puts her other hand on her breast to touch hers. She's shocked to find that they are synced, beating at the same pace and time. 


"Boy, we've worked each other into a frenzy, baby. But I feel I can go all night, even at this pace." Mikayla rises a tad and gushes out all over Eric, then sits back on. 


Eric, torn, realizes his body is going through some transformation but is so turned on by Mikayla. Every fiber of his being wants to please her. Nothing else matters.


Eric tries to turn Mikayla, but his hands can barely wrap around her forearms.


"What do you want to do, doggie baby?" Mikayla asks.


"Yeah," Eric replies.


Mikayla turns from the headboard and faces the side of the bed. She gets on all fours and awaits Eric to enter her from behind. Eric, on his knees, sees that Mikayla is too high, so he stands. 


Eric slowly slides in, and Mikayla arches her back as Eric's cock slowly makes its way deep into her. 


"Oh my, I'm about to squirt from just you sticking it in."


Eric takes slow deep strokes, then progressively increases the pace.



Eric strokes harder, his waist slaps against Mikayla's soft round ass.




Eric strokes harder. Mikayla moans and pounds the bed with her fist. 




Eric grips the sides of Mikayla's ass and pounds her. He breaks into a hard sweat that consumes his entire body. Mikayla sweats profusely as well. The sound of their flesh meeting made a rhythmic clapping sound. 


Eric looks down and realizes that the width of Mikayla's ass is now wider than his waist. Undaunted, he continues to try and please her insatiable desire. He does so majestically.


"Oh…Oh…. yes! Oh, baby, I'm about to cum again."


"Me too, baby!"


Eric notices a subtle blue glow surrounding them as they cum simultaneously. Mikayla's entire body erupts in uncontrollable spasms. Then releases a vigorous stream of squirt that completely saturates Eric. 


Eric releases a massive load himself, as he cums, his entire body reduces in size. Mikayla's continuous stream of ecstasy nectar knocks Eric's tiny body off the side of the bed. 


The plush carpet dampens the fall. Eric lands flush on his back. He holds his hands in front of his face and witnesses his body diminishing in size by the second.

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"What is happening?"


Mikayla stops shaking but is completely exhausted. 


"Got damn it! That's what I'm talking about, baby! Where in the fuck have you and that dick been all my life?"


She smiles as she turns back to look back at Eric, but her smile slowly vanishes, seeing Eric is nowhere to be found.






Mikayla, not hearing Eric's reply, moves and sits at the bed's edge. She places her feet on the floor. Eric tries to roll out of the way of Mikayla's descending size 16 foot, but he's not quick enough. Mikayla's foot lands on top of him.


Mikayla's pinky toe lays on top of his chest, pinned to the floor by the weight of her massive toe. He tries in vain to slide from underneath it. The mere width of her toe is wider than Eric's wingspan at this point.


"Where did you go?"


Eric can't talk with the weight on his chest. The blue glow returns around his body. He looks at his arms and hands once again as he diminishes and the size of Mikayla's "little" toe increases from his perspective. 

Mikayla notices the blue glow around her body. She looks at her hands and legs, astonished.


The glow disappears…




Mikayla hears the faint sound of Eric's muffled voice.


"Eric, where are you? You sound like you're in a faraway tunnel."


"…I got sucked into someplace. It's so dark… Oh wow, amazing..."


"Sucked in where? Into what? Baby, where are you? You sound so far away!"


Mikayla no longer hears his voice, and she looks around the room in befuddlement. Moments later, the sensation of Eric's touch moves within her like a wave starting from her toes then slowly up her legs. The wave moves through her G-spot, bringing her to an instant and sustained prolonged climax. Mikayla lifts her legs and curls her toes as they begin to shake. The sensation moves up her torso and finally to her head. Her eyes fill with tears as all is right with the world. She is completely overwhelmed with the sensation of unconditional love, content, safety, and peace. She then passes out. Her right leg involuntarily twitches for a few seconds.

Mikayla's Toes on Eric.jpg
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Mikayla's To Be Continued.jpg

The next morning…


Mikayla slowly opens her eyes to the annoying sound of her alarm clock. As she reaches, every muscle in her arm aches in soreness. She hits the alarm clock, and a smile instantly comes over her face as she thinks about the previous night.


"OMG, Eric. Eric?" Mikayla yells out.




The sound of Eric's voice is a little muffled but close. Under her bedsheets, Mikayla looks down at the foot of the bed. She sees a lump the size and shape of a man.


She smiles then pulls the covers back to find Eric lying across the foot of the bed. His head inches from Mikayla's feet. She playfully taps his cheek with her big toe. 


"What are you doing down there, and where did you disappear to last night?"


"I don't know. I think you worked me until I passed out. I was hallucinating and everything. All I know now is, I'm so sore and can barely  move." Eric stares at Mikayla's feet, "And I don't want to."


Mikayla laughs as Eric kisses her soles.

To be continued…

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