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The ladies in our community are constantly blessing us with videos every day across multiple studios and platforms. Here, I will let you know what I've bought, what I'm watching and enjoying. 

I will also have guest critiquers that will rate and talk shop about the videos with me. Sometimes it's great to get out of the vacuum and see what others like and the aspects they look for in films and what about the scene gets them going.

There are so many aspects to this fetish and learning which elements of a scene, whether the lighting, the presentation, or the context of how content providers show their feet affect us, is cool to learn. For example, a model making a toe point in a bathing suit may dull compared to the same model making a toe point in jeans. Or a wrinkled sole vs. a wet one or oily one. 

Bring on the vids and let's talk about it! 

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