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Our First Foot Model of the Month - Mikayla Miles

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

The Mile high model keeps growing!

Mikayla was instantly a legend the minute she came on the scene. The 6'3" statuesque model with size 16 feet is a show-stopping head-turner wherever she makes an entrance. Over the years, through correspondence and a couple of phone calls, I've got to know her from afar. She's a thinker and very spiritual.

The backdrop of the Colorado Mountains is the perfect location for this free spirit. She loves the outdoors and the closeness it brings her to nature. Hikes and meditation are some of her favorite pass times.

Interesting fact, the last pair of socks I purchased from Mikayla was arguably the best pair I ever bought. I had purchased from her in the past, and she could drop a scent into some socks. However, as she's gotten to know me better through my social media platforms and chat, it finally clicked that there was no bottom to the rabbit hole in stench level tolerance for me. The smellier, the better!

"Question for ya I can send them out today before I leave for London, but I'd rather them be super ripe for ya..."

When I ordered that pair, Mikayla was "prepping" them for another buyer, but their funds fell through. I sent her an email saying that I'd gladly take them off her hands. I quickly sent her the funds and eagerly awaited their arrival. On the day she was supposed to send them out I

got an email from her, "Buddy, I have to tell you I messed up and had them sitting on my dresser. Now, I'm worried they don't smell enough. Question for ya, I can send them out today before I leave for London, but I'd rather them be super ripe for ya. Would you mind if I take them with me and wear them and then send them when I return?" Did she say, "Super Ripe"? Well, you know your boy will always take Super Ripe. From the time she first started wearing them for the original buyer to when I took over the purchase, she went to London and returned; it was about a month of wearing those socks. She asked if I wanted "Super Ripe," I said I wanted "Super Ripe." As the saying goes, "Don't mess with the bull, or you'll get the horns." Your boy got the horns. I knew it would be special when I held the Ziplock bag, and two of the corners were fogged up and had condensation build-up. She took them right off her feet and dropped them off in the mail.

When I opened that bag... Let me tell you, whatever connotation for super ripe you have in your head, adjust the bar. These were hardly super-ripe; they were, in my Samuel L. Jackson voice, "SUPER MUTHAPHUCKING RIPE!" Instant five noser off the first whiff. I've only had a handful of 5 nosers in my 15 years of buying socks. And for the most part, those were pretty gruesome. But out of those, only three had me at, ahem... attention, if you know what I mean. These had that effect on me.

To give you an idea of how big size 16s are, here are a different pair of Mikayla's socks that I purchased four or five years ago compared to Rebecca Berardi's (Badass Becky) size five socks.

As you can see, Mikayla's sock dwarfs Beckys. I'm 6'1" and wear a size 12, but Mikayla's sock leaves a good two inches of slack left when I tried it on. They are ankle cut but came well above my ankle. These last pair of socks, you smelled every inch of the size 16, every hike through the Colorado Rocky's, and every cobblestone road along the Thames in London.

Mikayla Miles The Multi-Media Model

I can't pinpoint exactly when I first came across Mikayla. But, I believe she was on the old Builtmore site, then she started her website, The Mile High Model. She made numerous guest appearances on other Amazon and foot-fetish-themed sites.

When social media became popular, she established her presence across multiple platforms. It was here where we first established correspondence. Mikayla travels the world doing in-person sessions, custom videos, photos, sells worn items, creates foot art, and recently launched her podcast, The Mikayla Miles Show. Her podcast showcases creators in the fetish community, Models, Photographers, and Videographers. She read stories from community members that detail their lives in how they cope with having their fetishes. It's very therapeutic. I even contributed my story for college when a good friend of mine outed my foot fetish at one of the biggest campus parties of the year.

Mikayla’s Feet

These size 16s are recognizable anywhere; those long toes and perfect toenails. If I were to describe Mikayla's feet, I would start with the wide ball of her foot, followed by the high arch, which narrows considerably as you get to the heel. Her soles are smooth and very wrinkly.

The Gentle Giantess

I've yet to meet her in person, but when I do, I want her to do this to me so that I can cross it off my bucket list:

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