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Giantess/Shrinking Erotica

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Mikayla Miles is a successful businesswoman. A type A personality living a 7 figure lifestyle, enjoying the fruits of her labor. She’s dined in the finest restaurants, traveled the world to exclusive locations, and even experienced nirvana on the summit of Kilimanjaro . She's not one to take  many risks, but if it's worth it, she's not afraid to take one either. Mikayla took a chance at love by way of a dating service that boasts a 100% success rate. They match candidates by a process of incorporating genetics with personality traits.

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Trust The Process
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Dan sees Katelyn on her way to play in a softball game after work. He laughs at the site of seeing Katelyn in her jersey. Dan condescendingly asks Katelyn what position she plays. Katelyn proudly responds, "Pitcher." Dan cracks a joke and questions  Katelyn's ability to pitch at softball. Not one to back down from anyone, Katelyn makes a wager. If Dan can hit one of her pitches, then he gets her vacation time. However, if she strikes him out, then he must drink their lab's  Subtraxerim Utilium 8645 solution then give her a foot massage everyday for a week.

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An Athlete's Foot
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"What's wrong, Papi?" Cleo asked Alex. "Why did you shrink me?" "One, because I can, and two, so I can paint my toes."  "What does that have to do with me?" Alex asks. "I want to use you as my toe separator as I paint them and will need you to blow on them to dry the polish." "Can't you conjure a spell or something to do all that? I want to watch the game tonight." "That would defeat the purpose of owning you now, wouldn't it? Besides, I just took off my pantyhose so that you can enjoy that stench between my toes you love so much." “Serves me right for falling in love with a witch." "You didn't think this shit would be like Bewitched, did you? I love you to death, but I am not Samantha, honey. So, hop down off that bed. I'll paint them in front of the TV so you can hear the game.  Oh, stop pouting. You know you like it.  And don't you cum on my wet coats either!"

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The Arrangement
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